On 17th December, in Tanzania, the National Week of Health and the Environment ended. The theme of this year was “Care for health and environmental hygiene is an important catalyst for sustainable economic growth“.

In the presence of the Health Prime Minister, regional and national health officials and all the councilors, our structure has also received very important awards.

In fact, our Hospital ranked first among the hospitals in the Singida region and in third place nationally for the hygiene, cleaning and maintenance of the Structure.

A representative of the staff of St. Gaspar, constituted by the head of the nurses inf. Zena Sahidi Sumbe, from the pharmacist Epiphany I. Ndaghaya and from Mr. Dino F. Nchupa received the award, presented by Dr. Ummy Mwalimu, Minister of Health, Community Development, Elderly People and Youth.

A source of pride for our structure that continues to establish itself as a leader in the Tanzanian health world and in the Catholic world.