the strength of teamwork




The Hospital is a great “machine” that works only if all the parties collaborate on the same mission. for this reason, in our structure there are not only the 4 main departments but also many other paramedical and technical structures that support the main departments and therefore facilitating provision of continous and quality healing services.


The Medical Laboratory

The medical laboratory is the diagnostic area that serves the entire hospital. Rapid results are ensured with continuous 24/7 service, thus providing important support to doctors in the formulation of the diagnosis.

Additional Medical Services


The physiotherapy room treats and follows the entire rehabilitation phase of the patient, during admisssion and at discharge. This service is particularly important for paediatric patients who are born with birth defects or acquired trauma during childhood.



The pharmacy and the respective warehouses represent are places for storing and sorting out the medicines and equipment used in the various departments. The pharmacist and the thrapuetic team are responsible for ordering and monitoring the use of drugs in the hospital.

The Dentistry

The dental room of our hospital is available every day for consultations or emergency services, especially following trauma.

X-Ray & Ultra-Sound

The rooms and machines in this department provide quality diagnostic imaging services that are pivotal in reaching correct diagnosis in all the main branches of medicine.

The Ophthalmology

The eye care service is a novelty in the Tanzanian area. Considered a “non-primary” service, it often represents a real need in daily life.

The Blood Donation Center

Convinced that the “gift culture” has no geographical boundaries, even in our hospital we have, from the beginning, wished to develop the idea of “blood donation” which – surprisingly – represents a fixed commitment for many.

Paramedical and other services

The Infusion Center

One of the latest news from St. Gaspar Hospital is the possibility of producing some medicines on site. In particular, the Infusion Center deals with the production and packaging of different types of intravenous infusions (around 30,000 per year).


The Morgue

The new morgue was inaugurated in 2018, now equipped with cold rooms and tables for autopsy examination. This allows the bodies of deceased patients to be stored for a long time, pending the arrival of the family..

Drinking water

Since the beginning of the mission in Tanzania, it has been desired to offer to the patients and nearby villages clean and safe drinking water. The brackish underground water is procesed in the hospital by a “reverse osmosis” system.

The kitchen

Patients, relatives and care providers have at their disposal a kitchen and a room to have their meals during their stay, but the hospital also offers a catering service for the poorest or unaccompanied patients.

Children Room

Convinced that hospitalization represents a moment of great stress especially for the children, it was decided to organize a “child-friendly” room where children can spend a few hours to play and rest.

A big TEAM WITH a single MISSION!

Many specialists, technicians and workers ensure a well-kept environment, continuous maintenance and attention to detail.






The mission of the St. Gaspar Referral and Teaching Hospital has always been understood as a mission of service to the Tanzanian people, driven by the inspiration of the right to care and the dignity of each person.


At St. Gaspar Hospital we have one goal:
to offer superior care to all those who come to our facility.

“We have to do a lot, quickly and well”

St. Gaspar del Bufalo 

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