International activities

Since his opening, in May of 1989, the Hospital has a wide number of employees (doctors, specialists and volunteers) that supported the Hospital with their knowledge and their ability.
In a very particular way that kind of help was fundamental in the early years of the Hospital. Due to training and recruitment,today most employees of the St. Gaspar Hospital are Tanzanians.
Today very important is the collaboration with the Italian “Bambin Gesù” Pediatric Hospital in Rome (Italy), the so-called “Pope’s Hospital”. This is an international renowned referal hospital for pediatric medicine, scientific research and rare diseases. For that reason, recently, a very important agreement has been stipulated between our Hospital and the “Bambin Gesù” Hospital.
Joined by the common value of children’s safe and health, they decided to collaborate, making available their scientific and professional competences. The agreement provides that in the next three years the two hospital would work together in a project of collaboration to improve health and hope for many little children.
In particular, the staff of the “Bambin Gesù” Hospital would be training St. Gaspar Hospital employees in plastic and maxillo-facial surgery. Asssistance in indepth interpretation of radiological immages will also be provided.
The agreement was made to reach the goals of training and improving knowledge and ability of staff, so as to becompetent in providing treatment for children and improving the hospital in general.
Italian doctors will be residing at the St. Gaspar Hospital compound and the congregation will sustain them during the missions. Volunteering and professionality would intertwine in giving new hope for clients.



In the early years the help of visiting and flying doctors was central.


With the new project of tele-medicine dialogue and assistance in interpretaion of diagnostic images will be available.


Together our two hospitals can give hope to Tanzanian children

The agreement with OPBG

An agreement was signed on May 18, 2019 between “Bambin Gesù Children’s Hospital” and “St. Gaspar Hospital.” The agreement provides support for reading diagnostic images (and CT-Scan images) and the  training od Tanzanian staff at the “Bambin Gesù Hospital”.



In 30 years of activity and mission, many italian friends  have been comming in our Hospital, giving us their help and support, their knowledge, and often their free time and holidays.



The agreement signed in 2018 provides that the Italian staff of the “Bambin Gesù Hospital” would be training our employees in plastic and maxillo-facial surgery, a medical specialization not yet very common in Tanzania.


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