Our mission

St. Gaspar Referral Hospital has to serve the marginalized community by giving medical assistance, educational facilities and research based evidence and Christian principles.

Our vision is to be a center of excellence for health care and education services guided by Catholic principles.

The medical staff of the St. Gaspar hospital provide some of the best services using modern medical equipment and technology to all patients in a very timely, accurate and comprehensive way.
Our goal is to serve and promote the human being in both spiritual and material way.
St. Gaspar Hospital enhances an environment of excellence, healing, consolation, education, respect and open exchange of ideas.

We appreciate creativity, innovation, strategic thinking and thoughtful action of our specialists and all our employees. We appreciate, for that reason, different types of workers and specialists, who are competent and flexible.



The one who comes to Itigi knows that he could count on the availabilty medical services provided by specialists.


Our mission, first of all, is to take care of our brothers and sisters in pain and sorrow.


In Itigi «to educate», means set one in a different kind of future while giving our expertise to everyone

our Principles

Like Christian Church teach, we believe firmly that everyone has dignity and the right to good health. In our Hospital every life has value and everyone has to be supported and attended to during hospitalization



We want to serve marginalized communities and everyone who needs help by specialised health workers. We want to give the best services, in a spiritual and material way.


OUR staff

The flagship of our Hospital is the staff. Our employees make our mission their mission.


St. Gaspar Referral Hospital

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St. Gaspar Hospital

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