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Person in charge 

Dr. Anatole Rukonge – Obstetrics and Gynaecology specialist
. Aurea Macha- Nurse in-charge


BEDs allocation

The maternity ward is the “hope” ward. Every day many new creations come to light for the first time and begin the journey of life.



The 2 obstetrician/gynecological doctors, the 12 nurses and the 5 assistants ensure that the mothers have an organized, professional and welcoming environment.



With a mortality rate reduced by 98.4% in the past 10 years.


The maternity ward is dedicated to gynecological and obstetric cases and is able to provide the mother and baby with all the necessary assistance during pregnancy and at the time of delivery. The ward today has 36 “ordinary” beds, and beyond these, the maternity ward has two rooms for labor, two delivery rooms, two rooms for patients who need special assistance and one post-operation room.

Doctors often find themselves treating various pathologies related to the prevention and health of the female genital system and complications during childbirth – which still often occurs in the domestic environment – such as bleeding, eclampsia, sepsis and intoxications related to local drugs used as utertonics or othe purposes.

In addition to the “ordinary” ward, there is also a wing dedicated to premature born children, equipped with incubators and all that is necessary to support newborns.

The maternity ward is probably the area in which progress during the 30 years of activity of our hospital has been most evident: the perinatal mortality rate (including intra-uterine deaths) has been reduced by 98.4 % as well as the maternal mortality rate which has declined by 80% in the last 5 years only.

Much progress has been made, but of course there is still much to be done.


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