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The telemedicine project includes sharing medical information and discussion electroniocally with other distant medical experts in order to reach a consesus about the diagnosis and appropriate management of patients.

This method could offer valid results and prove to be extremely useful even in lesser-known medical situations, especially in the diagnose and cure of diseases that are rare.

The Telemedicine project represents a radical evolution for the St. Gaspar Hospital at Itigi. It has bee made possible, thanks to an agreement with the GHT Onlus association. It will give this hospital a double advantage. It will provide a chance for patients to receive quick and possibly correct diagnosis from international specialists, and a chance for our medical personnel to expand their professional knowledge through interaction with other international consultants.

This service is always available.


A new project at the St. Gaspar’s

The telemedicine is one of the latest projects that have enriched the professional span of  services at St Gaspar Hospital.


A 24/7 service

This service is always available, to allow our patients to receach quickly possible correct diagnosis due to instant consultation with other medical experts.

An international collaboration

This project was supported by an agreement with the GHT Onlus Association.

A “teaching hospital”

Working with specialists from all over the world allows our personnel to expand their knowledge and gain expertise.

The 4 key advantages of telemedicine

Telemedicine is not just a novelty, it is safety, collaboration, support, ready and wider availability of consultation, all at our patients’ accessibility.


Privacy and confidentiality

State-of-the-art service

Specialist support


Continuity in assistance



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